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Our legal documents and forms will always be available online for free.  Simply find the document you need and we will email you a template that you can customize to meet your needs!

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Get affordable legal services & professional help from our team of interantional lawyers. At $89/hour, Canadians can afford custom legal documents at a fraction of the cost!

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Our library of legal documents focus on the needs of Canadian businesses and their owners. We offer a wide range of documents and forms pertaining to estate planning, real estate, contracts, finances, & more!

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Canadian Business Lawyers provide free legal documents that individuals can download and edit. Check our library of documents, contracts & forms available to Canadian families & businesses. Legal templates written by lawyers.

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Our legal documents are easy to fill out, often as easy as replacing you name, address & phone number. Our documents are available online for free. Save time and money by using our legal templates for personal and business needs.

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If our FREE documents aren’t enough and you need a legal document or contract customized choose our professional team of international lawyers to provide expert advice & opinions. We help families & business even the playing field with affordable help. 

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Canada Business Lawyers offer professional legal documents, forms and contracts.  Need your document customized by a lawyer? With our free consultation, you’ll know if we are the right lawyers for you, without any of the cost.  Using a team of international lawyers allows you to focus on the legal issues, not the hourly rate. Don’t believe us?  That’s why we customers can meet risk free with our lawyers to demonstrate there is no need to pay $400/hr for contracts & legal documents. Canadian Business Lawyers helps even the playing field for individuals and small businesses looking for affordable para-legal & legal services!  Meet with our lawyers online, schedule here. 

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Find legal documents and contracts regarding personal matters, planning your estate & family matters.

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Get templates, contracts and forms geared towards Canadian small businesses. From sole proprietorships, partnerships or incorporation we offer professional help.

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Real Estate

Real estate legal documents for mortgages, rentals. leases & purchases. Legal documents for landlords, tenants & realtors.

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Estate Planning

Put your personal affairs in order and plan you future. Make your wishes known with a living will & prepare for the worst with help from Canadian Business Lawyers.

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Set the terms of your agreement & protect all parties with a financial document. We have templates for financial summaries, demand payment letters & more.

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Download templates for legally binding agreements between 2 or more people. Contracts are valid in Canada under common law and Quebec as civil law.

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Focus On The Details, Not The Rate… Professional Legal Services $89/Hour

Get affordable legal documents, contracts and forms.  Focus on the details and stop worrying about how much you’re being charged!  Protect yourself and your business with customized legal documents at an affordable cost.

What Legal Documents Do You Need For Your Business & Personal Life? 

Many Canadians are unaware of the importance of legal documents play in the personal lives and how they can affect business. We help take the intimidation out of writing legal documents and contracts! Just find the contract you need, download it and edit it to suit your needs.  Read the Canadian Business Lawyer Blog to learn about the legal documents we provide and how they can help you!

Our Mission

Our Mission

What Is Canada Business Lawyers? Canada Business Lawyers is an online marketplace that connects entrepreneurs and small businesses with affordable legal services from lawyers specializing in common law contracts. We understand how important it is to find a reputable,...

How Do Business Lawyers Help Canadian Small Business?

How Do Business Lawyers Help Canadian Small Business?

Business Contract Lawyers Whether a new entrepreneur or an experienced medium business, working with a lawyer to deliver quality contracts is very important. Experienced lawyers advocate for your best interests, after all that is what they are paid to do! What makes...

How Real Estate Lawyers Help In Canada?

How Real Estate Lawyers Help In Canada?

Real Estate Lawyers Buying a house is the biggest thing anyone will ever buy. That's why it makes sense to get professional help from people who understand the documents you are signing. In Canada's hot real estate market it's more important than ever since many...

Legal Documents For Personal & Family Life

Legal Documents For Personal & Family Life

Estate Planning & Personal Legal Contracts Only around 40% of Canadians have a will, if you are one of the 60% you should consider Canada Business Lawyers to get your affairs in order. Estate planning doesn't have to be difficult, complicated or expensive. In...

Legal Documents For Canadian Life

Personal, Family &

Family legal documents are an essential component of any estate plan. These include wills, trusts, health care directives and living wills to name a few. The importance of these documents is generally understood by adults who have children but for those with no family members or expecting their first child in the future, it can be difficult to understand what type of document they should prepare and when this planning needs to occur given that many states require new parents take action one year before the due date (which would likely vary depending on whether you’re having your first or subsequent baby).

Protect Your Family & Estate Today! We Offer Free Templates For Estate Planning, Power Of Attorney, Wills & More

Business & Owners

Having access to quality legal documents and contracts is essential for the success of any business. There will always be disputes that need to be resolved, and paperwork such as contracts or leases and agreements help prevent any legal or financial trouble. With Canadian Business Lawyers you can download many templates of legal documents for free. We offer the most common forms, contracts and other legal documents business owners in Canada frequently ask for. Need to consult with a lawyer? Get a free consultation and legal documents that are just as good starting at $89 per hour.

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We provide free legal documents, forms and contracts available to download online.  Do you need more comprehensive legal documents?  If your documents need customization by a lawyer we provide affordable lawyers who can create legal documents that suit your needs.  Get affordable custom legal documents & contracts.  Start by filling out the form and taking advantage of our free online consultation. Get professional legal documents & contracts from a team of international lawyers at a fraction of the cost!