Copyright Notice Infringement

copyright notice

What is a copyright notice infringement??

Canadian copyright laws are intended to protect the rights of Canadian artists and creators. Copyright infringement can be civil or criminal, and it is no joke. If you infringe on copyright and don’t know about it, there could be serious penalties for your business – up to $250,000 in fines per offence! Canada Business Lawyers can help both victims of copyright infringement and businesses accused of copyright infringement.

What is a copyright notice? A copyright notice includes any words, symbols or numbers that identify who owns the work as well as how they own the work. The most common type of copyright notice is “©”.

A copyright notice infringement occurs when a business does not display the proper copyright information. This can lead to them being sued for copyright infringement, and the infringing party may be required to pay damages or profits from sales of the copyrighted work.

Who Should Get Copyrights In Canada?

  • Business owners with intellectual property and distribution rights
  • Entrepreneurs looking to license products or services
  • Inventors looking for new inventions
  • Designers
  • Researchers protecting data and

Types Of Intellectual Property In Canada

What you create you get to own, at least in Canada. Copyright helps Canadians turn good ideas, products and inventions into assets and allows their investment to be protected. In Canada, there are many kinds of intellectual property.

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Patent
  • Design

Copyright means you are the sole owner and gives you the right to produce the work entirely. A trademark is a word that identifies your product or service with the public. A patent is an original invention or creation that can be demonstrably novel. Lastly, designs can be protected in terms of size, shape, proportion and other styles. It is possible that your product or service has many of these protectable facets.

How Canada Business Lawyers Help Protecting Copyright

Our team can help your register trademarks and ensure that your creation is unique. Need to make sure your business name or logo is unique? We can search the database and file the necessary paperwork to protect your business. Treating your products, service and brand like a trade secret is the best way to ensure your property is protected. This can be done by making employees, vendors and clients service agreement contracts.

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