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What is a licensing agreement?

Licensing agreements are contracts that protect the interests of both parties. The licensor, usually an author or inventor, grants to the licensee one or more patent rights for a specified region and in return receives royalties from sales made by the licensee. Licenses can be exclusive or non-exclusive; they may cover only certain goods and services rather than all types; and they may include territorial restrictions. The license agreement is typically made between two corporations but could also involve individuals who are entering into a partnership with someone else. A licensing agreement protects not just intellectual property but also other assets like trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights etc., which are covered under this umbrella term called “intellectual property”. 

What information is inside a licensing agreement?

The three main sections in a licensing agreement include (1) grant of rights; (2) restrictions on use; and (3) limitations on liability.

What is your responsibility as far as marketing? What can happen if you violate the contract? These are all questions that will be answered as we discuss what kind of information is in a licensing agreement. these agreements is how they help me understand my responsibilities and those of other people involved with your business ventures. The licensing agreement dictates what information is to be exchanged, how it can be used, and under what circumstances. A licensor grants certain rights to the licensee for their patented or trademarked product(s), but retains ownership of everything else. The restricted use section defines who can use the licensed product(s), how they can be used, when they should not be used, etc. Finally, there are limitations on liability which state that neither party will hold liable for any damages incurred during this transaction.

Advantages of signing licensing agreement

Licensing agreements protect both parties from unauthorized use of the intellectual property by outsiders who may not be aware of or able to comply with copyright law. In order to avoid a potential legal battle, it is important for any business owner to sign a licensing agreement. It protects against copyright infringement lawsuits and other types of litigation. The benefits include having some type of control over how you use the product or service.  

Not signing a license means that if something happens with regards to patent law or trademark law, then the original inventor may sue you for damages which could lead up to significant legal fees and settlements.

What types of things can be licensed?

A licensing agreement can be about anything: a novel, a song, a logo design, a piece of artwork—whatever you’re creating that someone wants to buy the right to use in some way. The more you know about your options when it comes to signing licensing agreements, the better off you’ll be! Let’s go over them one-by-one so that you can make an educated decision on which type will work for you.

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