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bill of sale legal documents

What is a Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale is a document that provides proof of ownership. A bill of sale is usually created when you buy or sell a car, boat, home or other valuable goods from someone else. It can also be used as an agreement between two parties in which one person agrees to give the other person something for free and this document will prove who has given what to whom. The Bill of Sale Template is designed so that it’s easy to fill out with all necessary information needed for these purposes such as the date, names and address where items were sold/given away, description and value of items being transferred etc. This template is designed specifically for Canadians!

A bill of sale can also be called a “receipt”.  However, receipts are often thought of as what prints out of the machine at the grocery store but receipts can be printed on a word document or napkin.  When making a large purchase it’s always smart to get a bill or sale or receipt to confirm who received what and who was compensated what. A bill of sale is easy to fill out document that keeps a legal record of the transaction. 

Get A Bill of Sale When Purchasing Big Ticket Items Like:


Vehicle (SUV, Car, Motorcycle Truck, RV)


ATV, Dirt Bike, Boat, Jet Ski


Expensive Personal Property


House, Apartment, Lease, Rent, Etc.

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Bill of Sale / Purchase Receipt FAQ

What information should be included in the description?

You should describe as accurately as possible the items, goods or services that are being sold. A description of the condition, style, manufacturer, model, year, colour, etc. If the item being sold has serial numbers or identifying features make notes in the description. 

How to receive payment?

The bill of sale will also record the payment method used for the transactions. Common methods are cash, certified cheque, bank draft, e-transfer, or credit card payment. 

What is a promissory note?

This is a legal document showing evidence that a loan will be repeated under the terms agreed to in the promise to pay document. 

What are financial documents?

-Banking records
-Credit card statements
-Tax Reports from CRA
-Mortgage or Rental information
-Loans or debts
-Assets or liabilities

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