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Lease Violation Documents

A Lease Violationis a notice from the landlord that can be sent to tenants in order for them to know what their lease violations are. The purpose may also include keeping track of how tenants behave and take care within their unit before issuing an official legal termination letter called “Ending tenancy.” The notice points out which part of the agreement is being violated, how long it has been happening and the expected resolution from the landlord. The information in a lease violation notice should be objective and verifiable, with specific dates, times, infractions, and instances of the complaint. Lease violations can be for more routine occurrences like late rent or unpaid utilities.

How Are Lease Violation Notifications Useful?

Lease violations help resolve matters by mildly escalating the situation with a letter while removing any emotions and remaining objective. Tenants will often be more willing to settle a disagreement after receiving a lease violation notification.

Other Kinds Of Lease Violation Documents


Rent Notice


Notice To Quit


Termination Notice

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Rental Inspeciton Documents FAQ

What's the difference between a lease violation notice and eviction notice?

Lease violations are just letting the tenant know they have done something wrong. Often they were unaware or didn’t understand how it was communicated. Eviction notices are to inform tenants they are being removed legally. 

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