Articles Of Incorporation

What Are Articles Of Incorporation In Canada?

articles of incorporation documents

Under the Canada Business Corporations Act, Canadians are entitled to incorporate an organization making it a separate legal entity.  The biggest advantage of incorporating is that the members are generally not liable for debts.  Articles of Incorporation is the name given to the initial documents filed with the provincial or federal government.

The Articles of Incorporation is just a written document that outlines things like:

  • Company name
  • Share structure
  • Restrictions on business activities
  •  Number of directors
  • Other provisions

This is a crucial document to help plan for how to handle certain situations whether planned or unexpected the articles of incorporation will provide rules about governing the business. 

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Canada welcomes competition from international businesses. Incorporating in Canada can have many benefits for foreigners. 


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Legal Document FAQ

What language do my articles of incorporation need to be in?

In Canada Articles of Incorporation must be in English or French.

What information is included with the articles of incorporation?

The names of the directors, addresses, phone numbers, business activities, and other provisions about how the business will operate.

What is a shot gun clause?

The process of initiating the purchase or sale of shares in the company. The party who receives the offer may choose to purchase or sell at the offered price.

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