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Rent Increase Notification in Canada

As a landlord in Canada, it is crucial to follow the appropriate regulations when notifying tenants of rent increases. The Rent Increase Notification is a vital document that outlines the details of the rent increase, adhering to the strict tenant protection laws in every Canadian jurisdiction. Proper notification is required for all rent increases, regardless of the amount.

Understanding Rent Increase Notification Requirements

Under Canadian law, landlords must provide tenants with adequate advance notice of rent increases or any other material changes to the tenancy. This is typically done through a written document, which should include the following:

  • Names of all parties on the lease
  • Information about the current lease or rental amount
  • Rent increase specified as both a percentage and dollar amount
  • New total rental amount per month

Although not mandatory, it is recommended that both parties sign and date copies of the Rent Increase Notification to ensure clear communication and record-keeping.

Determining the Rent Increase

When deciding on a rent increase, landlords should consider several factors:

  1. The quality and reliability of the tenants
  2. The length of the tenants’ stay in the property
  3. The potential vacancy period if the tenants choose to leave

Additionally, municipal and provincial regulations often dictate the allowable rent increase percentages, which typically range from 1-3% depending on the property’s location. Due to the complexity of these regulations, consulting with professional legal advisors is highly recommended before sending out Rent Increase Notifications.

Providing Adequate Notice for Rent Increases

Landlords must provide sufficient notice when planning to implement rent increases. Local regulations should be consulted for specific time frames; however, in most Canadian locations, the law mandates a notice period of 2-6 months before the rent increase can take effect.

Free Consultation and Affordable Legal Assistance

At Canada Business Lawyers, we understand the complexities of rent increase regulations and the importance of clear communication between landlords and tenants. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to answer any questions and provide guidance on specific contracts or documents. Our team of experienced legal professionals is ready to assist with all your customized legal needs, ensuring compliance with Canadian law and protecting both landlords and tenants.

How Lawyers Can Assist? 


Provide legal guidance and advice.


Draft and issue notice letter.


Ensure compliance with local regulations.


Review lease agreement terms.


Negotiate with tenants if necessary.

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Rental Increase FAQ

What is a rent increase notice in Canada?

A rent increase notice is a written notice that a landlord provides to a tenant to inform them of an upcoming rent increase. The notice typically includes the amount of the increase, the effective date, and the reason for the increase.

How much notice must a landlord give for a rent increase in Canada?

The amount of notice a landlord must give for a rent increase in Canada varies by province or territory. In Ontario, for example, a landlord must provide at least 90 days’ notice before the rent increase takes effect, while in British Columbia the notice period is 3 months. It is important for landlords to check the specific rules and regulations in their province or territory.

Can a landlord increase rent at any time in Canada?

No, a landlord cannot increase rent at any time in Canada. Rent increases are typically governed by provincial or territorial laws, which outline the specific rules and procedures that landlords must follow. In general, landlords can only increase rent once per year, and the increase must be within the legal limit set by the government.

Can a tenant refuse a rent increase in Canada?

Tenants in Canada may be able to refuse a rent increase, but the specifics will depend on the province or territory in which they live. In some provinces, such as Ontario and British Columbia, tenants have the right to dispute a rent increase if they believe it is unreasonable. However, tenants should be aware that refusing a rent increase may result in the landlord terminating the tenancy agreement.

What can a tenant do if they receive an illegal rent increase notice in Canada?

If a tenant receives an illegal rent increase notice in Canada, they can file a complaint with their provincial or territorial rental authority. The rental authority may investigate the complaint and order the landlord to reverse the increase or refund any excess rent that was paid. It is important for tenants to keep a copy of the rent increase notice and any correspondence with the landlord as evidence in case of a dispute.

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