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Landlord Notice Of Termination (Tenant Eviction)

An eviction notice is a written warning that notifies the tenant they are required to leave the property because of a violation of the lease agreement.  The eviction notice will determine the expected outcome and provide the tenant an opportunity to rectify the conditions.   Eviction notices vary from province to province so it is alway important to consult with a lawyer as the tenants rights generally out weigh the rights of the landlord in certain situations.  

Canada Business Lawyers offer free tenant eviction notices available to download for free.  


Kinds Of Eviction Notices In Canada


Late payment

If a tenant falls behind on lease payments landlords can notify tenants with a lease notice. The lease notice informs tenants they are behind on payments, provides an opportunity for reconciliation and puts a time frame on the expected resolution.


Lease Violation

Every lease has rules that tenants are expected to follow.  If a tenant breaks these rules a landlord can evict the tenant if the violations aren’t remedied. For commercial leases violations can include property maintenance, type of business or when other conditions are not met. 


Lease Renewal

Eviction notices in Canada can be used to inform tenants their lease will not be renewed.  There are rules about evicting tenants by renewal so always consult with a lawyer before evicting any tenant. 


Need Your Eviction Notice Customized?

Canada Business Lawyers provide a general eviction notice template for landlords to use for free.  Get a custom eviction notice written to suit your needs with clauses like: 


  • Lease termination settlements
  • Notice to repair
  • Notice to quit
  • Notice to increase rent

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Eviction Notice FAQ

What is an eviction notice?

An eviction notice is a written document that notifies a tenant about late payments, lease violations or lease termination.

What are the rules for eviction in Canada?

The rules for eviction vary from province to province in Canada. Therefore it is always smart to consult with a lawyer who can advise landlords about the correct procedure to successfully evict a tenant.

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