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What Is A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA for short, is a legal contract between two parties that prohibits one party from disclosing certain information to any third party. An NDA is a common type of agreement in business and often necessary to protect sensitive information, such as trade secrets, customer lists, financial information, negotiation details, patent information, marketing plans, and source code.

At Canada Business Lawyers, our team of legal professionals can help you understand the details of an NDA and how it works. We offer free templates of NDAs for personal and business use in Canada, as well as affordable professional help if you need customized legal documents.

While it is possible to use a free NDA template, we recommend having a lawyer draft the contract to ensure that it provides comprehensive legal protection. Our team of experienced lawyers can provide valuable guidance and advice on the best way to structure the agreement, including any additional clauses that may be necessary.

One key benefit of having a lawyer draft an NDA is that they can provide legal guidance on the best way to structure the agreement. Our team has years of experience in this field and can ensure that your NDA provides the necessary legal protections.

An NDA is typically drawn up before entering into discussions about business opportunities or sharing confidential company information. They are also commonly drawn up before hiring employees who work with proprietary company knowledge. By having an NDA in place, you can protect your business’s confidential information from being leaked or stolen by employees, vendors, or customers.

In Canada, an NDA is a legal arrangement in which one party agrees to maintain the confidentiality of certain information that has been disclosed by the other party. A Confidentiality Agreement, on the other hand, is an agreement between two parties about what will be confidential and how it will be done.

Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements are both important tools for businesses to protect their interests, but they serve different purposes. Non-disclosure agreements prohibit a business from releasing confidential information outside of the agreement without permission from the source. Confidentiality agreements, on the other hand, may not reveal any information at all. In order to protect trade secrets or intellectual property rights, companies will often use confidentiality agreements in addition to non-disclosure agreements.

If you’re unsure where to start when drafting an NDA, our team is here to help. We can provide you with a customized NDA that meets your specific needs and protects your business’s valuable assets. To learn more about our NDA services or to schedule a consultation. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of the law and protect your business’s interests.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement FAQ


What types of information can be protected by an NDA in Canada?

An NDA can be used to protect any type of confidential information that a business wishes to keep private. This can include trade secrets, customer lists, financial information, negotiation details, patent information, marketing plans, source code, and any other sensitive information that could be detrimental to the business if it were to be disclosed.

What is the difference between a unilateral and mutual NDA?

A unilateral NDA is an agreement in which only one party agrees to keep certain information confidential. A mutual NDA, on the other hand, is an agreement in which both parties agree to keep certain information confidential. Which type of NDA is used depends on the specific situation and the needs of the parties involved.

How long does an NDA last in Canada?

The duration of an NDA can vary depending on the specific terms outlined in the agreement. Generally, NDAs will have a set time period for which they are valid, after which the parties are no longer bound by the terms of the agreement. The length of the NDA should be carefully considered when drafting the agreement to ensure that it provides adequate protection for the business.

Can an NDA be enforced in court in Canada?

Yes, an NDA is a legally binding contract and can be enforced in court in Canada if one party breaches the terms of the agreement. In order to enforce an NDA in court, the party seeking enforcement must be able to show that the other party breached the terms of the agreement and caused them harm as a result.

Can an NDA prevent employees from competing with their employer after leaving the company?

An NDA cannot prevent an employee from competing with their former employer after leaving the company. However, a non-compete clause can be included in the employment contract or a separate agreement to prevent an employee from competing with their employer for a set period of time after leaving the company. It is important to note that non-compete clauses must be reasonable and cannot unreasonably restrict an employee’s ability to work in their field.

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