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What Is A Breach Of Contract?

If you’re a business owner, then you probably know that breach of contract is one of the most common causes of lawsuits. There are many different types of contracts- some require written agreements and others don’t. Our objective is to provide information about breach of contract documents so that businesses will be more aware when entering into these agreements with other companies or individuals. It’ll also help if there ever comes a time where someone sues your company because they believe you’ve breached an agreement.

Breach of contract documents and the importance they have for businesses. Breach of contracts can happen when a company or individual does not uphold their end of an agreement, such as when an employee leaves to work with a competitor before completing their contractual obligations. To protect from costly lawsuits and potential embarrassment, companies should always keep copies of all agreements in one place so that they can quickly reference them if needed.  

How To Avoid Breach Of Contracts

  • Keep a copy of the original signed agreement (or a scanned copy) showing any and all clauses
  • Make copies of any amendments made to
  • Think about the main terms of the agreement but also what may happen if one party breaches.

Breach of contract documents is legal documents that outline what will happen if someone breaks their end of the bargain. These agreements can be created for many different reasons and offer protection from unforeseen circumstances. Breach of contract documents are created to protect businesses against liabilities that may come about if contracts are broken. Breach of contract agreements can be civil, where the parties are in disagreement over a financial transaction, or criminal when one party has committed an unlawful act. 

The breach of contract agreement is often included as part of a contractual document that establishes what would happen in the event that either party were to break their promise in accordance with the terms set out by both parties in the original contracts. Breach of contract agreements has become more prevalent in today’s society because there is so much at stake for both parties involved. Just-in-time deliveries, storage fees and deadlines all impact businesses when objectives aren’t complete. Breach of contract documents are drafted to provide relief for an individual or business that has been wronged by another party through a breach of contract.

What information should be included in a breach of contract document?

In order to successfully claim that a contract has been breached, you must be able to demonstrate that you possess a valid contract. This is why all parties entering an agreement are provided with a signed copy of each contract. Lawyers will scrutinize any contracts to ensure that the agreements were valid in the province they were agreed to. You need to outline the specific breach that occurred and complete all the terms in the original contract, if applicable. Lastly, appropriate notice must be given if you plan to claim a contract has been breached.

Types Of Damages Available For Breach Of Contracts

Payment is the most common remedy although many companies choose to continue with the original agreement if deadlines or quality were missed. Compensatory damages can be included if a breach of contract has been committed but parties wish to continue the agreement. Cancellation clauses can be enacted which can be up to 50% of the original contract.

How To Avoid A Breach of Contract?

The best way to avoid a breach of contract is to have a thorough negotiation and foresee any potential problems that may arise. Confirm deadlines and plan for a worst-case scenario when coming to an initial agreement. If you do breach a contract it is smart to consult with a lawyer for guidance. Lawyers can provide help by advocating for your interest. When seeking a resolution a lawyer can help remedy any legal problems with any contracts.

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