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What Are Terns & Conditions?


Legal documents are a necessary component for establishing and maintaining relationships between parties involved in an agreement. These written terms can be referred to as either “terms of service” or “TOS” which generally cover the legal language found within them, such as what has outlined above about their format being legally binding when valid and enforceable 

Legalized contract complexity has increased significantly over time–so much so that many users don’t even fully understand this content; let alone its implications on privacy policy (or lack thereof). When customers sign up without reading through all details beforehand, there’s no way they’ll know how their personal information will ultimately end up used once collected by a company.

What’s Included In A Website or App Terms & Conditions?

Your company’s name should be included in the terms and conditions that contain all of your standard rules, but we recommend adding a few more so there is no confusion. You want to make sure that any terms and conditions are easy to understand for the end-user. Write so users can easily understand what you’re saying without having a hard time reading through long blocks of text on each page or between pages. Make sure to include all relevant information in your terms. This can help avoid confusion with end-users by making them aware that you are providing every possible detail about what they will receive when purchasing from or using any service(s).

With clear rules around the use of your website or app, you can avoid unwanted liabilities. Make sure to cover all legal issues and address them in detail with appropriate guidelines for customers as well employees. To ensure that you’re following the law, it is important to have clear guidelines of site usage. This includes legal use by customers or employees as well as rules around what can be done on your website/app without permission. The more comprehensive approach would include addressing all issues arising from any liability exposure in these areas of concern.

Make sure the users of your site, product or service agree to the terms and conditions set forth. A statement like “…hereby accepts the terms and conditions contained herein…” is a good acknowledgment statement to include.

Limit your liability by including scenarios about what happens if malicious users hack your site and what your company is responsible for. It’s always a good idea to limit your liability by making a list of prohibited activities on the site or as it pertains to the product or service. In explicit terms note what will happen to users who do not comply with your terms and conditions.

Kind Of Terms & Conditions Contracts

  • Saas (Service as a Software) Agreements
  • End-User Licenses (EULA)
  • Privacy Policies
  • User-Generated Content

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