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What is a rental receipt?

A rental receipt is a document that records the details of the transaction between landlord and tenant. It contains information such as date, time, property address, broker name if applicable, names of tenants involved in the transaction and signatures from both parties to confirm that all terms have been met. Canada Business Lawyers offers free documents and free consultations for people in need of legal documents.

Tenants need proof they’ve paid rent on time in order to receive their security deposit back at the end of their lease agreement or tenancy agreement with their landlord for example. The best way to make sure you don’t forget about this important detail is by keeping a copy of your rent payments with a receipt!

Our legal documents protect landlords and tenants equally! Always keep a record of all your rental transactions – for personal, work, business and tax reasons! Use our free rent receipt template or speak with our team about getting all your legal documents done by your own pro!

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