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What is a Release Agreement?

A release agreement is a contract that typically protects the interests of both parties in case one party has to go to court. If you are considering entering into this type of agreement, it’s important that you know what factors affect the validity and enforceability of these agreements.

A Release Agreement ensures that if something goes wrong with the project or service being provided by one party, then the other will not sue them for damages. It may seem like a good idea because it can protect your company from lawsuits but there are many things you need to consider before signing any such document as they do not always work in your favour.

Release agreements are essential documents when entering into certain legal commitments with other parties as it ensures that both parties understand their responsibilities and liabilities during the course of the relationship.

Release agreements are also known as “general release of liability”. It is often used in conjunction with other agreements such as insurance policies or retirement accounts. These documents are very important to have, but you cannot just sign one without first understanding what it entails and how it can impact your life financially. 

Type of Release Agreements:


General Liability


Damage to Personal Property


Debt Collections


House, Apartment, Lease, Rent, Etc.


Personal Injury / Workplace Injury


Car Accident

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Release Agreement FAQ

Who is the releasee and the releasor?

The releasor is the person who waives any right to take legal action based on the terms of the agreement.  

The ‘releasee’ is the person who is no longer responsible for any damages the did or may occur.

Is a release agreement legally binding?

Yes and no. In order for someone to enter into a contract, they need to understand what they signed at the time of signing.  Asking someone to read and sign a waiver without adequate time to review is generally not legally binding.  Release agreements that are negotiated however are legally binding contracts. 

What is mutual release?

A mutual release agreement is when both parties agree not to take legal action.  Responsibility is taken through an apology or compensation. 

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