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Lease assignments are needed when a tenant or renter transfers a lease to another person or entity.  The person who is transferring the lease is known as the assignor and the person who is going to be responsible for the lease is known as the assignor. 

Lease Assignment Process

Assigning a lease is the process where the tenant transfers their stake in a property to another individual, usually, but not always, at the end of the agreement. In order to assign a new lease, the landlord must agree to transfer ownership in a contract with the current tenant.

Who Needs Lease Assignment Documents?


Economic condition like bankruptcy or loss of job


Tenant required to move before the completion of their lease


Tenant required to move before the completion of their lease

Advantages Of Lease Assignment

Lease assignments create a way for landlords to take the property off their hands when they find an investor who can afford it. A landlord would want to sell/assign the lease contracts because it’s more profitable than collecting rents. They get paid up front, and then effort goes into managing the property again instead of looking at numbers every month like rent checks. Landlords do not want to manage properties anymore, but they don’t want to lose all their equity in this tough market either.

The person who rents out the property will remain responsible for all ongoing maintenance fees (taxes, hazard insurance) as well as future permitting costs (including annually renewing rental licenses).

Fiscal responsibility is one, as this type of contract prevents overextending one’s credit by utilizing someone else’s financial stability. Protection is another- if not handled properly, it can be easy for tenants to lose control over their obligations on a large purchase or loan. Finally, less paperwork – saving future headaches with documentation and organization!


Disadvantages of Lease Assignment

Really, there are no direct disadvantages of a lease assignment. Lease assignments can actually be a very helpful way to provide a means of passive income generation if the original property owner is willing to take an assignment for a nominal fee or engage in a periodic lease transaction with the property owner. This approach provides both parties, landlord and tenant, secured financial benefits from market-rate rentals over time periods as short as one month up to many years without the normal risks associated with owning real estate. In times of economic downturns, market fluctuations, recessions or other turbulent conditions that may affect how people invest their money – this approach provides stability that renting could not otherwise offer.

Some lessees would demand a higher price. As well, there may be an availability problem, as leased apartments are usually more limited than those which you buy and all the units will probably already be sold out by the time it comes to your turn.

1. A lease assignment can result in greater financial liability for the tenant, and could lead to small claims and collection proceedings if the property owner discovers you did not disclose previous assignments or did not assign your rights correctly. This includes an instance where the previous lessor was paid with cash on hand, but he/she is actually suing for damages separate from damage to make up for missing rent payments 

 2. A lease assignment may affect your credit score 

 3. Having too many leases typically creates confusion when managing finances between landlords

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Lease Assignment Documents FAQ

What is the difference between a sublet and assignment

Generally a sublet is a shorter contract that an individual enters into in substitution for completing the term of a longer-term lease. An assignment is when someone assumes all the responsibilities and duties of another person formally, usually in order to complete a lease they were unable for whatever reason to maintain or terminate.

How do I assign or sublet my apartment?

It’s usually advisable to use a specialized service or broker to look for a sub-leaser, rather than doing it yourself. It costs nothing and takes much less time, and the landlord typically likes the idea because he gets an extra month if you’re moving out. If you’re good at negotiating then it’s possible that you may be able to negotiate with the landlord directly; but this is much more difficult and requires more negotiating skills. 

If you can’t find any apartments on websites such as Kijiji which might fit your needs (such as location), then contact Brick Underground or other online rental sites in town for help finding off-market rentals.

What if the landlord refuses the lease assignment?

If the landlord refuses the lease assignment, the original tenant who executed the lease agreement remains liable for any obligations incurred during that period. If you are offered a new lease agreement to an undesirable space, it is advised that you offer up another space in your building for consideration rather than refusing outright. This may not always be possible due to comparability between spaces but negotiating does win out in other ways (likability of area, cost of rent). Of course there’s always the requirement for information on both productions including notices or meeting take place before changes can happen or leases can be assigned.

Can I charge a fee for assigning a tenant?

Tenant placement is a free service. If landlords expect an agency to provide them with a tenant for their property they should not be surprised when agencies do not charge them a fee. Many landlords have the idea that agents will work for free if they are desperate but in reality, most professional agents will only work for you if you can offer them a paycheck. A good agent knows how to work his or her contacts and would rather spend part of that time charging rent from one landlord than from another landlord. There’s nothing worse than paying market rent with no one to take care of your property and having trouble getting help- it can cost money as well as time! 

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