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rental inspection document

Our rental inspection template is easily customizable for landlords, tenants or sublets!  Make any necessary changes and enjoy professional legal documents and contracts for use in Canada. 

Rental Inspection Document

A rental inspection is a professional evaluation of any deficiencies, needed repairs, damages due to neglect, etc.  The purpose of the rental inspection is twofold- first to assess the condition of the property and form an opinion as it relates to the landlord’s ability or willingness to make necessary repairs. Secondly, it provides you with an accurate understanding of what extends are done for this home you are considering renting. An inspector will inspect everything from appliances and fixtures to walls and ceilings. Download a free rental inspection document template from Canada Business Lawyers.

Who Should Be Included On A Rental Inspection?


Utilities like furnace, air conditioners, meters, electrical panels & water heaters


Condition of appliances like microwaves, stoves, refrigerators


Cosmetic condition of paint, entrances, switches, outlets, floors, etc.

Why Use Canada Business Lawyers Rental Inspections?

Many landlords and tenants don’t know what to include in a rental inspection.  Our template helps you create a comprehensive checklist that is professional and easy for you to edit to suit your needs in Canada.  Our documents are available for free and you only pay if you need your documents customized by a lawyer. 

Landlords want to protect their investments and renters want an objective record of the condition of the property.  A professional rental inspection provides peace of mind and protects landlords and tenants equally. 

Rental inspections should be completed at the beginning and completion of any lease.  Some rental agreements or leases stipulate annual inspections as part of the contract.  

Keeping a video or photographic record is always recommended to provide an objective record of the exact conditions. 

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Rental Inspeciton Documents FAQ

Do tenants have to attend the rental inspection?

Tenants do not have to present at the time of the inspection. Many landlords encourage their tenants to participate in the inspection process. With people’s busy schedules sometimes attendance is very difficult too.

Should the rental inspection be signed?

Both the tenant and landlord should sign and date the rental inspection checklist.

Can I withhold the deposit if the inspection doesn't pass?

Each province in Canada has its own rules with respect to how damages and deposits can be handles. Make sure to check with the local regulations before withholding or releasing and funds.

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