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What is Revoking Power Of Attorney?


Power of attorney is a document created by an individual, called the principal, that gives another person or entity (the agent) authorization to act on behalf of the principal. This second party can be granted broad powers and responsibilities in carrying out their duties. The authority afforded to this agent will vary depending upon what type of power they are given and how it is worded within the document. By revoking a power of attorney you can limit who can make decisions and what decisions can be made on your behalf.

Getting Professional Help Revoking Power Of Attorney

Getting the notarized copy of the documents can be a tricky procedure. If you are ready to revoke your power of attorney documents, have them notarized and then returned to the original trustee. The process is simple but it does require time for paperwork processing. A will can be revoked at any time by signing a document that revokes all previous wills or codicils drafted in its place. You should also note that if you are married, your spouse must sign off on this as well before sending it back to the trustee. Keep in mind though, if you die without a will, regional law dictates who gets what from your estate so make sure you plan ahead with an up-to-date will!

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